Monday, October 12, 2009

Keep It Safe 1.5 released

Keep It Safe is a simple,lightweight freeware application written in Java , 
witch main purpose is to provide encrypted protection to text information that you may want to keep safe.

-Encrypts your data using DES (information to be secured) and MD5 (password)
-Simple and intuitive GUI
-Low Memory Consumption

Whats new:
Keep It Safe is basically a bugfix  of the 1.x series.It contains no new features but has an important bugfix and a few GUI modifications so its highly advisable to update your previous version.
To update simply extract the .zip and replace all the files (but not the safe.DAT) in your keep it safe directory.

Download Link:


  1. I will be making UI changes (improvements) for the next release (2.0),and some additional features.
    I will only keep developing 1.x series for bugfixes.

  2. I decided to write a TripleDES implementation for better security..but im afraid ill have to write an update so that there can be backwards compatibility with previous stored passwords (that use normal DES)

  3. ok..made up my mind.. AES will be the encryption algorithm for version 2.0 . If i get the time ill write the update for compatibility. Nevertheless the GUI will be much more complex and easier to use. I will think about bringing some more programers in